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Hello Monday

This is one of my last lie ins at home for a few months, and since I am furloughed and have nothing to do the above picture represents me right now, but I hope whoever is out there putting in the graft and doing their bit at their work is feeling good and safe. If not, then I hope you enjoyed my posts from the last few days, and look forward to more!

I've started using one of those journal apps where you record your appreciations and thankful-ness. I've only filled in yesterdays, I'll keep you update on how it's going but day 1 has been great. To inspire you to have a great Monday. I have shared my appreciations from Sunday 7th Feb below - I hope you find deep meaning and great solace in them:

  1. I went running even though I didn't feel like it, and I did my third fastest 5k.

  2. Lots of people looked at my car as I drove past cos it is so fit.

  3. I had a Greggs for lunch and it was tasty.

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