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How to Boss being the Sports' Fan's Girlfriend

I lose my boyfriend at least once a week to either Football or Cricket. Now I don't know if you have ever seen a game of cricket, but if you don't know what is going on, it is long, arduous, boring, and I see it as an excuse to drink heavily or run away. One time, we were in Amsterdam during a big cricket game, and I literally had to sit there all day, on a beautiful day in July, watching cricket. That's dedication.

"Wow Emma you are the best girlfriend ever" I hear you cry and yes, I know. But I've moulded this greatness through years of hard work and dedication. We have literally had a discussion about how I just will never be into sports, and how that is actually okay. But I have built up a list of ways to distract myself and not get a. super bored and 2. super annoyed. You want them? I got them!

My top choice would be, obviously, have a bev and sit back. Let the sporty bollocks pass over you like the ocean on coral. This way, you ultimately have to enjoy yourself. If you don't drink, maybe one of my next tips will help you because I cannot relate. There is nothing like chilling in the pub, probably surrounded by their mates, and getting bevvied with them. Yeah. I don't know what you're saying, you may as well be speaking Mandarin (sorry Mrs Min from y7 I only remember the numbers 1-12 and how to say hamburger don't judge me), BUT I have my *insert drink of choice here* and that's fine.

The second saviour is phone play. Literally, I have apps on my phone specifically for when my fella is watching football - especially if it's just in the house or we are in the pub alone at an unacceptable time to drink/ I'm driving. Anyone who read my post on calming techniques knows I love puzzle games - you can guarantee if I'm not scrolling social media then I am puzzling away. Social media is obviously a big help too, but if it's loud or you're in a quiet pub, you don't want to be playing Instagram stories or TikTok's out loud for all to hear - what if you accidentally click on one of those videos with loud sex noises on it as a prank - that is my biggest fear!

Finally, a common favourite for all, especially if they're watching the sport in your house - go have a bath. That is basically 2 hours of self care time for you to enjoy! Grab your hair mask, your facial wash, get the bubbles flowing and have a massive bath. Last night during the football, I watched 2 episodes of Riverdale - absolute goals.

Does anyone else have this issue, or am I just super sensitive?

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