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5 Survival Tips for Any Office Party

We've all been there: you're invited to the office party, and you're dubious to how much fun you can possibly have surrounded by co-workers. Well, I'm an expert - living at a residential job, you become a pro at making the most out of any office gathering. Follow my tips for automatic good times and banter for all...

  1. Make an effort - if you take the time to change your shirt, stick on some mascara and perfume, and brush your teeth, you'll automatically feel more positive, it's impossible not to feel good when you dress for an occasion.

  2. Set yourself a limit - whether you're driving home or working the next day, set yourself a drinks limit. This way, you will be able to keep your cool and not embarrass yourself. I'm not saying be super strict with yourself - as long as you aren't driving and feel like you will feel okay the next day, treat yourself. You'll also be able to use "the limit" as an excuse to leave if you feel like you want to go home.

  3. Find a buddy - to make good fun, have good friends. If you've got someone to get ready with and arrive with, you'll be able to have a cheeky pre-drink together if it's appropriate, and you'll skip out on the awkward "I just got here and don't know who to talk to" vibe that happens all to often at these kinds of gatherings. They'll also keep you in check if you get too drunk, and save you from any awful conversations with those colleagues that just won't stop talking rubbish (everyone's got one). I've always wanted someone to set up a weird hand signal with, maybe you and your office pal can live that dream.

  4. Think before you drink - I find, if I am nervous about going anywhere, that if I think ahead about the kinds of stuff to talk about, then later conversation comes easier. Have a stalk of some of your co-workers on Facebook, find out what they've been up to, if they had a birthday recently (or Christmas is perfect).

  5. Prepare your midnight snack - you might be hungry when you get in, and if you're working the next day you need to soak up that alcohol, so make sure you've got yourself a snack in and plenty of water.

Simple, but classic. These are transferable to any function to be honest, but work seems to be all anyone is doing so I thought I'd try and make everyone dream of a colleague social.

Do you have any tips for surviving a works do?

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