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5 Tips to get your Partner into RuPaul's Drag Race

Do you ever get tired of watching Drag Race alone? Just want someone to share in the cheek, the nerve, the gall, the audacity and the gumption?

I've tried and tested these on my fella and now he is hooked (sorry love you might get ripped for this in the group chat but it's for the views).

  1. Ask sweetly if you can have it on in the background while you do something else. For example, while you're doing a jigsaw or they're messing around on their phone. "Oh there's nothing on telly do you mind if we watch some of RuPaul's Drag Race? They won't be able to resist sneaking a peak and then boom they're watching episode after episode.

  2. Get them clicking. Immersion is beginning, time to start helping them interact. When someone says something sassy, we now click our fingers like "oh no you di'int" style. This way, they're looking out for sass and automatically listening and loving it.

  3. Start explaining the language. So they've seen a bit but they're not fully in it yet... time to bring out the dictionary. Help them immerse again by being their own personal translator. "Oh by the way if you hear them say this it means this", and get them learning the cues. They'll be quoting in no time and reading the scenes without any prompts from you, which makes it more fun for everyone! And what is reading....? "FUNDAMENTAL!" all the partners will shout from their corner of the sofa.

  4. Drop RPDRUK quotes into casual conversation. You've watched enough episodes, now it's time to bring what you've learnt into real life. Hypnotise your partner with your Scottish accent, shouting "Lawrence Chaney" at every random chance you get. And most importantly, never stop singing "Bing Bang Bong", never ever. Every morning, send them a meme about the song, ensuring that it is stuck in their head forever.

  5. Sit back and watch RuPaul for eternity. Easy, now all you have to do is hold your partner while they wait for another episode to feed their habit.

I didn't set out to get my partner into Drag Race - I'd tried before and failed but these 5 steps, tried and tested, have worked.

Do you have any advice on getting your partner into a tv show you love but they hate? My next challenge is getting my boyfriend into Friends, because he hates that too, and we can't have that!!

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