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Making the most of your time off

Where I work, we usually finish shift on our 5th day at 6PM, then off for 2 days, and back at whatever time you're needed on the third day... for me right now I'm off Thursday night back Sunday morning. In normal times, I'd be getting a hotel with my fella and exploring York or somewhere near here, or going to one of our homes to see our families. Nowadays it's more likely we'll be staying on site for our time off than going anywhere, to keep everyone safe. This week, I am alone for my days off, because I'm isolating.

I know what you're thinking - time off at work doesn't sound like time off. And nah you're right it's not the best way to spend time but we make the most of's how.

  1. Get outside - whatever the weather, we try and get outside for a bit of a walk. We live in beautiful North Yorkshire, and there's lovely walks everywhere, some of which we don't even have to drive anywhere for because we live in the middle of nowhere.

  2. Movie marathon - a classic. We try and watch something we have not seen before, because as we all know I am a glutton for re-watching films. This morning, I am re-watching Little Miss Sunshine, because I haven't seen it in years and I am alone so don't have to ask anyone what they want to watch.

  3. Clean - yup I can't believe I said that either. But I actually find that I feel good after a nice bit of cleaning, it's therapeutic.

  4. Yoga - yup, can't believe I said this one too... who have I become. I try and do a short 7-10min yoga session before bed, or after exercise. Literally just on Youtube, there's so many options, who would've known. It all started when I drunkenly did an ASOS haul and decided I'd buy a yoga mat, and now it's here I feel like I have to use it. Every time I do I feel a mix of super fake and super fleeky. It's a good balance.

  5. Bath, bath and bath again - I could have like 3 baths in a day and feel no shame. I'm talking salts, bubbles, bombs, candles, sticking on a good film or a tv show, maybe stick on a face pack. Nothing beats it.

  6. Clear out - I haven't done this one yet BUT it's by plan for today. I want to go through my stuff and get rid of all the stuff I don't need. I wear like 5% of my clothes. The pandemic hasn't helped because obviously I haven't been able to go out, been spending my downtime in pjs and comfies, and trends have changed so it's time to purge my wardrobe.

  7. Hair wash - this is a full afternoon activity for me, because my hair is stupid, big and poofy and I have this big ol' routine, it takes ages to fully dry... combing the knots out takes at least half an hour.

  8. Get drunk - a great option. Need I say more. Living on site, you can't really get super drunk, especially because I have to go back to my own flat overnight if I am spending my day with other people and I am not good at pretending to be sober.

  9. Online shopping - I'm guessing if you're like me this option comes straight after the previous option. Drunk purchases are not always smart purchases...but I love it when Drunk Emma orders something silly like a venus fly trap or a yoga mat... and then Sober Emma has to deal with it. It's like a gift!

  10. Relax - have that nap, lie in, sleep at 9pm, stay in bed all day. That's the beauty of time off - it is YOUR time. I spend so much of my week looking after my students or staff or whoever, these 2 days are for me to look after me!

How do you spend your time off? Do you have any worthwhile activities I should be looking into? Let me know in the comments!


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