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Packing Up

"Who will I be, it's up to me, all the never ending possibilities..." - Demi Lovato (Camp Rock)

For those that keep up with my life and times on social media, I am in the motion of making some pretty big life changes... something I'm not going to draw on specifically now because honestly I'm sick of talking about it.

The prompt for this blog actually came from the above photo. For the next week I'll be doing some serious packing as I am leaving my residential job, and as a packing pro after moving 8 times in 5 years, I know I have to do the fun memory items first so I'm not distracted my them when I have to do my clothes. This cardboard box has held my living room items and most precious memories since I started university, and now it's time for it to be filled once again.

The posters on the box flap are ones that one of my Houseparents made for me when I first got promoted to Housemistress back in 2019. I've put those signs on every door that I have lived in whilst at my current workplace, and when I took them down this evening I considered throwing them away. For all I know, I'll never be "Miss Bailey" again... I'm not planning on working in a school again, so what's the point of keeping it? You have to understand, I have gone through every items I own and thrown, donated or gifted over half of the items I moved into school with - I'm being conscious of the space I'm going to be taking up in my parents loft, so anything that I haven't work in a year or haven't used/ looked at in that time is out.

And then I thought even further ahead. How exciting is it that the next time I open this box, I could own a home, I could be living anywhere in the world. What will have changed? Will there be spaceships...honestly possible considering I've just quit my job to pursue a life of god knows what (kidding, I have a good plan, honestly even I am shocked at how exciting my plan is).

I hope when that time does come, that I remember why I still have the pot of lucky Chinese stars that one of my students made me for Christmas a few years ago (with matching Christmas bauble). The Cherub given to me by a family friend that goes up somewhere everywhere I live, despite it also being a Christmassy ornament (why are all my decorations festive..?). My dream catcher that 100% does not work because I always have crazy vivid dreams and honestly I cannot remember where I got it from. The black flat item at the bottom of the box is a printed picture set of the YSJ Snowsports Team when I was the president - a cringey and regretful time that I like to reminisce about when I think I am a mess, because Uni Emma would give anyone a run for their money in the Hot Mess Olympics. The box contains a salt lamp that was a rejected gift to my grandma from her friend - I ended up with it and it honestly is quite calming.

Overall, I just hope that I am as happy with my life then as I am now. I've got exciting plans, in a great relationship, and everything is just ahead. When I reopen this box, whether it be in six months or 6 years, I'm going to have new exciting things ahead, whatever they may be.

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