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"Wow your hair is so nice"

Yeah, it is. And do you know how I make it so nice? Okay, well firstly obviously it's in my genes to be a curly girl, BUT...

I've been in a battle with my hair since I took the sword of responsibility when I became too old to have my hair washed by my mother. And honestly it took me until I was 19 and started using Youtube to make my life better rather than just watching endless Harry Potter compilations and Zalfie vlogs (if you know you know). I found out that curly people often use hair foam, something I had used for years cos I liked the sound it makes when it comes out of the canister (the whoosh? Anyone else with me?), but this lovely internet person told me that if you push the foam onto a paddle-brush, as if the hairbrush is a toothbrush and the foam is toothpaste...except it is for your hair. Put it on the brush after your shower, and brush it through. I did that once and realised woah, my hair is like ringlets, it's so cute, and I could have this EVERY. DAMN. DAY. And could've had that for 19 years previously. It's fair to say I was overjoyed and pissed off at the same time.

However, fast forward probably about a year, I'm chatting to my hairdresser, and he's like "nah that's going to break your hair it's not good for it", so then I have to go back to the drawing board. Aussie hair products have always been a staple for me (and still are)... the Moist range is just great for hair like mine that just needs more moisturiser. But I'm in the supermarket, and I spot a tub of conditioner. You've seen them - massive tubs of hair crap, usually has a flower on it or a photo of what is in it. This is when I learn about HAIR MASKS. MASKS FOR YOUR HAIR. An absolute game changer.

So the Aussie conditioner was out and the hair tub (with a cocunut on it) is in. 20 year old me is buzzing, thinking "boyooooooooo (I was a bit of a twat when I was twenty and definitely said shit like this), I've got this sick tub that smells like coconuts and shit and hell yeah what a great thing to have, and now I can just stick this crap on my head in buckets, and sit in the bath. I'm down for everything that involves sitting in a bath. This. What is life. #hairgoals". My housemates were probably thinking "this girl is so lazy AND she's blocking up the whole shower products tray with her stupid big tub of coconut gunk".

So I'm living my dream rubbing this stuff in my head whatever. My hair seems to get as bored of products as I do with books, or people, or queues... It's like my hair feels a new product and is like "ooooooooh sick", and then a few weeks later it's like "eww you are basic stop". Why am I imagining my hair to be saying words oh god I am sleepy I'm sorry dear dear reader and friend.

I did have a point as to why I was going through my hair care journey with you, I promise. Recently, my hair got bored again, and honestly so did I. I think with lockdown and working and just living day to day, most days are the same, which is something I never had in my life until this year, or at least not to this extent...I can't be the only one. So I've been spending some spare time (not writing blogs cough cough whoops) researching hair products, specifically for curls, and white girl curls too! Because I have found that a lot of the products are aimed at more afro-type curls, rather than my curl, which is like a blondey-brunette tight curl. And I think I've found what I've been looking for...

I found Boucleme, and I paid a fair amount of money for their 30 day curl kit. I only wash my hair about once of twice a week, because it takes so long and so much effort, but I've used their products for 2 washes now and I am beyond impressed. And it takes a lot to impress me.

My impressed-ness is based on a fair few things:

  1. Compliments - everyone has made comment on my hair at some point, but the compliments in the last week have been intense! So so many people have said nice things. Even my mother - that must be a good sign!

  2. Day 2 and Day 3 - I'm used to being able to have my hair down on the day of washing, and then having to put it in a pony or a bun. WIth this product, after wash 1, I had 3-4 days of hair where it could be down and still look great. Like no fluffiness, the curls stayed where they were meant to. I was so so impressed.

  3. Instructions - there's a picture instruction card that came with the bottles, and I love that kind of stuff. Like, it is clear what I need to do, it's super duper crystal clear, and I need that kind of guidance, in both life and hair.

  4. Aesthetic - the bottles are so cute and stripey. They look amazing on my bath side and it makes me smile every time I see them!

  5. Smell - the products smell so nice, like kinda tangy lemon vibes.

Aren't they cute!!!!!

This was me waking up on Day 2 after my first time using the product. As you can see...I was astounded!!! Look at those ringlets! and the shine!!!! I was blown away.

I'm sure my hair will probably get bored of this product too, but I love that there are so many stages to it, which includes stuff I've never used before. They've swapped shampoo for "Hair Cleanser" - you think that might be bullshit? Yeah I thought so too. But this stuff isn't like bubble - it's just like a nice-smelling nothing. You don't even wash this stuff out! You put in the cleanser at your scalp (scalp care when you have curly hair is super important - that's something I learnt 2 weeks ago. I am 23), then put more in on your hair length, then use a tangle teezer to brush the knots out, and then you use the conditioner for moisturising purposes. No extra washing involved = less effort for me = happy Emma!

And then, after the conditioner is washed out, there's a curl creme to use, and you have to do that bit in sections - it makes me feel very professional. I like that. After that's all in, you grab your curling gel. This stuff is brand new to me - and it's making all the difference! I have to put that through the hair and then kind of cup the lengths, to help tempt the hair to boing up. Then boom, hair towel, hair dryer, and bish bash bosh - compliments for days!

Honestly, hair care is something I just cannot gauge most of the time, but this stuff seems to be working for me! If you're interested, then this is the sort of stuff I put on my instagram story, in much shorter terms! Give me a follow @little_dilemma.

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