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My Most Repeated Netflix Watches

This should 100% be a category...

  1. The Crown - classic, so relaxing. Sends me to sleep.

  2. Friday Night Dinner - another classic, I used to find this series so annoying when I first found it but now I literally cannot get enough. I keep hearing rumours there's a new season coming but yet again the pandemic has stolen my dreams.

  3. Girl Boss - I don't think many people know about this one, and that makes me feel very cool and ahead of the game. It's about the owner of Nasty Gal clothing and how she started-ish. I've seen the series a lot - the main character's best friend is everything I wish to be in life and more.

  4. Anything Adam Sandler was in - I actually think I hate Adam Sandler, he's a terrible actor that is type cast as the mediocre Jewish love-seeker every time. And yet...I could watch any of his films, any time, any where. Don't even get me started on when he pairs with Jennifer Aniston - that's my biggest guilty pleasure, there, I said it. I would like to apologise to my old AS Media teacher and my Dad, both of whom if they read this will be so utterly disappointed.

  5. Riverdale - again, awful series, peaked within the first 2 seasons, and yet here we are years later, and I am still hooked. To the point where if a new series comes out, I have to re-watch all the ones before just so I know I haven't missed anything and remember what everyone is doing.

  6. Friends - duh, need I say more. Actually yes I do, my boyfriend and my family hate it and I don't get why. I'm not saying I wee myself when I watch it (unless I'm watching season 4 - absolute peak), but it's just so cosy and good, an absolute staple.

  7. Anne with an E - another lowkey amazing series, all about Anne of Green Gables. I think the guy who plays Gilbert is kind of fit in a "this guy plays a child but definitely isn't a child" kind of way...

  8. Glee - oh god I can't believe I've shared that with the internet. I can't help it!!!

  9. The Fundamentals of Caring - hilarious film, never gets old, has that kid who played Rio Wellard from Tracy Beaker in it AND PAUL RUDD the ageless man. Can't be beaten this is the best one on the list if you watch anything I recommend here, please watch this one. Loads of sarcastic comedy and quotable lines. Bite of the James?

  10. Gogglebox - there's just something about watching other people watch television that makes me feel so relaxed. Big up Sophie and Pete, one of my favourite pass-times is looking at what mugs they're using and spot any new ones each week.

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